Answers to Your Questions
When I log into Utherverse my session times out on log in.
This problem is common when users "cookies" are disabled. This site requires your cookies to be enabled which can be accomplished by entering your browser and selecting TOOLS. Next select OPTIONS and selecting the PRIVACY. In an IE browser set to "default". In a Mozilla browser check the box next to "Allow sites to set cookies". Select ok or apply to make changes active.
I have signed up, but I receive a message that my account has NOT BEEN ACTIVATED.
Utherverse requires a valid email address to create an account. When you joined, an email was sent to the email address you provided. Please open that email and click the link that says "activate". If you do not see this email in your inbox, go to In the member login area located on the right hand side of the page you'll notice a "Resend Activation Email" button under the login form. Click this button and follow the steps provided. If you do not get the activation email, check to see if your email is blocking it as spam. Try adjusting your spam filter control within your email client to allow messages from or Also make sure that you provided us with a valid email address.
What is Red Light Center and how does it relate to Utherverse?
Utherverse is our social networking profile website. This is where you can create and customize your personal profile, upload pics, describe yourself, and search for other members you would like to meet. Red Light Center is an animated community where members can socialize with each other using "avatars", and access the Utherverse profiling system by right clicking on other avatars. Your Utherverse login information will work to access Red Light Center and vise versa.
How do I access Red Light Center?
Red Light Center is a completely safe downloadable application. You will need to install a version of Red Light Center on your computer before you can begin to navigate through the 3D world. The easiest way to download this application is to visit
How do I stop RLC/Utherverse from sending me emails when I get friend requests or comments on my profile?
Log into your account and select "My Settings". There are check boxes for the individual sections. Check the box that says "disable email notifications" then save the changes by clicking on "Update Preferences".
What is different about Utherverse compared to other social networking sites?
Utherverse is for ADULTS only and requires age verification to access. Age verification deters underage users from creating accounts and allows adults to express themselves freely without censorship. Members can post the pictures, movies, and stories about themselves that they want to share without being bound by stringent content rules and regulations.
What is “My Textures" for on the home page?
This feature leads to a console which will allow you to upload your own texture for articles of clothing that can be worn by your "avatar" inside Red Light Center.
How do I customize my profile?
You will first need to log into your account. Customize and edit your personal profile by selecting "Edit Profile" located on your personal home page. There will be several options inside the edit page for uploading pictures and creating descriptions about yourself.
How do I change my default picture?
You will first need to log into your account. To change your default picture select "Upload/Change Pics". Your library of pictures will appear highlighting the default picture for your profile in blue. To change, check the box next to the picture you would like to use and select the "Make Default" button.
Why do I get an error when I try to upload an image?
Images in your library are restricted to certain file sizes, file types, and quantity of pictures. If the image you are trying to upload doesn't comply with these you will receive an error. These requirements are defined on in the opening paragraph on the picture upload console used to send pictures to your profile.
How do I set my profile to private?
You will first need to log in to your account. Select "My Settings" on your home page. You will be able to select "Private" for various parts of your profile. Selecting private for each feature will only allow your invited friends to view these areas.
How do I disable my profile?
If you would still like to be a member of Red Light Center, but you do not want to have a profile, log into your account and select "My Settings". Simply check the box labeled "Disable My Profile" and click the "Update Button". You may return at any time you wish and uncheck the box to enable your profile again.
How do I report abuse?
In order to report a member's profile you have to go to his/her profile and click on "Report Abuse" at the bottom of the page. Then fill out the necessary fields. You may also email to alert us of any misuse.
How do I create an account?
Visit the homepage of Utherverse at Under the member login area located on the right of the page you will notice a link for "Create Your Free Account Here". Open this link and follow the instructions.
Can I have more than one account?
Sure you can. You will need to create a different password for each account that you create.
How do I change my password?
We are adding new features shortly including an area to change your password. In the mean time please email to request a password change.
How do I change my personal information on my profile?
First log into your account which will launch your personal home page. A list of options will appear to the right of your default profile photo. Choosing "Edit Profile" will launch a page to edit various sections of your profile. Buttons are provided at the bottom to both "View" and "Save" your changes. You must select "Save" if you would like the change to apply.
How do I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership by contacting CUSTOMER SUPPORT or by visiting
How do I get back to the welcome page where the customization links are listed?
The home button located in the top left of all the pages in Utherverse will take you directly back to your personal home page that allows you to change your profile.
What is an Avatar?
Avatars are life like animated and customizable characters used inside Red Light Center.
What is the Ray MarketPlace?
The Ray Marketplace is an exchange where users can buy/sell Rays using real currency.
How do I activate my account?
Your account is activated through accessing the Ray Marketplace through your homepage on You will need to have an active Paypal account to participate in the exchange. This will allow you to transfer money in and out of the exchange promptly and easily.
How do I get money out?
In order to take money out. You must first make a small transfer of funds into the program so that we can activate the account. This only needs to happen once. After this point, you may add or remove money from the program as often as you like.
What does "Bank Account" and "Trader Account" mean? Is there a difference?
Your "Bank Account" is the current amount of Rays that you have collected. These can either be earned through our Social Center, our 3D world(s)or they can be purchased through the exchange. Your "Trader Account" is the total amount of actual currency (USD) that you have deposited into the exchange using Paypal to buy and sell Rays with.
What happens to Rays within my "Bank Account" when I make a buy or sell offer?
After you make a buy/sell offer, Rays are taken from your "Bank Account" and held in Escrow. This means that they are in "holding" until someone has met your offer to buy or sell. Once the offer is met, you will see the money for this action deposited or withdrawn out of your "Trader Account" depending on the action type. Each time that you place an offer on the market, a time limit or expiry is attached to the offer. If the buy or sell offer has not been met within a certain time limit (7 Days), the Rays will be returned to your "Bank Account".
Can I cancel a buy or sell offer?
Yes, you will see your current offers listed in the Ray MarketPlace under "Your Current Bids". You can cancel a current bid at any time unless the bid has been met. Cancelling a bid will return the Rays/Money back into your accounts to their previous status was before the offer was made.
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